Follicle Fun

With all the nice weather we’ve been having lately I was considering taking the beard back to a goatee for the Summer when a friend asked what I was planning for the St. Johns Bizarre. The bizarre being a “Keep Portland Weird” event, I replied “I was thinking of shaving half my beard.”

Having not seen my chin in a full 8 years, I needed a little liquid encouragement to actually do the deed. So, Friday night, with the help a nice 20 year scotch, I pulled out the clippers and attacked my face. Leaving me with this…

What I didn’t plan for was living with my weak chin once I shaved the other half of the beard.

Oh well…there’s always scotch!

5 responses to “Follicle Fun

  1. You look completely different from beard, to goatee, to mustache! I went clean shaven, mustache too, about a month ago and all I could see (or couldn’t see) were my non-existent lips. I’m growing it back ASAP!

  2. lazybythelake

    i love the pictures rodger! love them! sounds like everyone is shaving now, and to think, i just convinced R to grow a beard back at the holidays. he has actually kept it. now i wonder if he hears about this shaving fad though he might chop it off!

  3. I too love the photo. That is a fine compliment coming from a man partial to whiskers.
    There is nothing like a new frock to brighten up the day – and in a man, that can mean changing what is on the chin.

  4. lazybythelake

    i will admit i tend a secret jealousy of you guys that can grow whiskers and not look like you are thirteen years old. my whiskers don’t fill out all the way when i try for follicle fun – i have bald patches still at almost 42!

  5. You’re handsome with beard on 🙂

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