When beating the odds isn’t a good thing

Lately a lot of birds are playing chicken by flying across the road in front of my truck. Today, a Robin looked like it was just going to clear my windshield when…thunk-whacka-whacka…my antenna started swinging back and forth…violently.

Pretty good odds to fly into that skinny little antenna. Pretty bad luck to hit it at 40 mph.

I hope it wasn’t mama flying back to the nest to feed her young. That would be very sad.


2 responses to “When beating the odds isn’t a good thing

  1. lazybythelake

    i get it. here we have to run the gauntlet of squirrels every time we leave the house practically – and many, if not most, run towards the car not away! going on seven years and i’ve only hit one once. it is sad. even with naughty squirrels.

  2. I learned what a magpie was when one went splat on my windshield while driving through Idaho. I was very disturbed, but one of the locals said I did them a favor.

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