Just so you know…

…after our neighborhood BBQ this evening…we’ll all gather out in the driveway for this…


8 responses to “Just so you know…


    Thanks for hosting, Mark and Rodger!

  2. No doubt Leon’s influence !

  3. “Hosing down the driveway” takes on a whole new meaning.

  4. lazybythelake

    we found these huge red paper lantern thingies at the firecracker tent off the back highway in tennessee this weekend that were just great. quiet and flickering and floating. not sure if i took a picture of them but if i did i’ll include them in a holiday travel post. whenever i get around to that.

  5. I like the direction: “Use only under close adult supervision.”

  6. One of the tree plantings we did around our house was a flowering ornamental called Golden Rain Tree for its cascades of deep yellow flowers on long, thin stems. Fritz immediately dubbed it the Golden Shower Tree. The name, of course, has stuck.

  7. I am SO biting my tongue.

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