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(click on pic to truly appreciate description)

Hetero Block Party or Gay Dance Party?

You decide.


I spent Sunday under the influence of muscle relaxants thanks to spasms in my shoulder and neck. After some reading and short nap I decided I needed to do something productive so I grabbed the camera to download some photos. I set it on the table, turned to get the laptop and something caught my eye. I looked out the window but didn’t see anything. Then…it struck me…a large tree stump on the side of the hill looked “different”. I looked closer and was surprised to see this massive, Great Horned Owl sitting atop the stump casing the yard for lunch. It seemed odd that he would be out hunting at 2:00 in the afternoon, on a sunny day, but I’m glad he stopped by.

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Unfortunately, my telephoto lens was in the camera bag in the other room and I was worried he’d fly off before I changed lenses, so all you get are these.

Maybe I should stay home on drugs more often.