No…not really…the rain returns on Sunday. But TODAY…today was the most spectacular day we’ve had since October!

I left work mid-day thinking I’d so some work in the yard and pot a few plants on the deck. Once home I grabbed a bite, changed into a t-shirt (really) and sandals (not kidding!), ventured into the sun to put the cushions on the patio chairs and…

…SCREW the yardwork!

Sometimes you just have to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Waste a little time. RELAX! After all, this is only the second 60+ degree day we’ve had up here since early December!

I put some classic Grateful Dead on the stereo, popped a beer and lay back in my chair to catch some rays. OH BOY!!!

The birds were everywhere…hairy and downy woodpeckers, goldfinches in full mating color, white crowned sparrows, towhees, chickadees, juncos, house and purple finches, nuthatches and even a coopers hawk. Better yet..NO INSECTS! Nope…still too cold for them little buggers.


I tried to take a picture…

…as you can see, my skin is so white the reflected light just kills all detail. Better than a face lift!

And that’s Spring in the Pacific Northwest!

7 responses to “Springtime?

  1. As always, I am thrilled whenever you post!
    You sound quite cheerful for the weather, and you are looking good (yes, a bit pasty too!) Come down to the SW for more sunshine and browner skins.

  2. Good to see you posting again. I like the photo- you look happy & relaxed.

  3. if i could send y’all some spring ina ball jar i would – we have plenty here.

    i just got back from a trip to the homeland so look for pictures of flowers and moss (the only things besides M & R i take pictures of it seems) over to the thanksforlooking soon.

  4. Sounds absolutely delightful — glad you decided to enjoy it.

  5. rodger. the blog police contacted me today. they were asking if i knew where you were. i said i wished to remain silent and asked if i was free to go.

  6. So … returning from my blog hiatus, it’s making me sad to see that so many of my old cyber buddies are on hiatus themselves. Like I thought I could just be the only slackass and everyone else would just keep plugging away and be here waiting when I finally picked up the proverbial pen again. Sigh. At least we have Facebook …

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