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Spo Shirt Charity Tour

I did get a short break from all the stress early in January when my blogger buddy Michael at Spo Reflections wrote to inform me that I’d reached the top of the list on the Spo Shirt Charity Tour and would soon be in possession of his beautiful shirt of shirts.

For those of you who may not have heard of this by now, let me fill you in. Michael makes beautiful/fun/funky Hawaiian shirts and he decided to send one out on tour to raise money for one of his favorite charities. The deal is, take a picture of yourself in Michael’s shirt, post it on your blog and choose which of his worthy charities should receive the money.

Well, the shirt arrived mid-winter and during our coldest spell which immediately limited the photo ops in his summery shirt.

My plan was to get a picture featuring each of our many bridges. I made it to two before freezing my ass off and going home. Well…two is better than none.

Once at home, Mac decided he wanted to get in on the fun. Of course his motivation wasn’t the possibility of a donation to the Humane Society as he’d led me to believe. His true motivation was the possibility that Harper, Michael’s sweet bitch, would see his picture and hopefully fall for him. I have to admit it wasn’t so far fetched an idea, after all, everyone falls for Mac, especially when he’s working a look like this?

Thanks Michael for the entertaining distraction and if you ever need a little pocket change…give me a call…that shirt was impeccably tailored and you certainly know just where the hem should hit!

[NOTE: I was a little disappointed that when the shirt arrived it smelled freshly laundered. All those sexy men who’d worn the shirt prior didn’t even leave a hint of manscent on it. Not even around the lower hem…Sean.]


(click on pic to truly appreciate description)

Hetero Block Party or Gay Dance Party?

You decide.

Follicle Fun

With all the nice weather we’ve been having lately I was considering taking the beard back to a goatee for the Summer when a friend asked what I was planning for the St. Johns Bizarre. The bizarre being a “Keep Portland Weird” event, I replied “I was thinking of shaving half my beard.”

Having not seen my chin in a full 8 years, I needed a little liquid encouragement to actually do the deed. So, Friday night, with the help a nice 20 year scotch, I pulled out the clippers and attacked my face. Leaving me with this…

What I didn’t plan for was living with my weak chin once I shaved the other half of the beard.

Oh well…there’s always scotch!

Well, duh!

Found this over at Prancer’s…er…Gavin’s place. Thanks cutie, for making my Friday!

You Are Dancer

Carefree and fun, you always find reasons to do a happy dance.

Why You’re Naughty: That dark stint you had as Santa’s private dancer.

Why You’re Nice: You’re friendly. Very friendly.

Ready to Rock!

OMG, OMG, OMG…I’m off to see Rodrigo y Gabriela tonight at the Crystal Ballroom! I’ll be sure to stop in this weekend with a review. Thanks to Tater for turning me on to these folks a few short months ago. I’ve become their biggest fan and PR machine in Portland and had no trouble convincing a few folks to join me.

Macabre Marionettes

Having thrilled to the CastIron Carousel Marionette play “The Horrible House of Dr. Hadrian” last March I was thrilled to hear they are returning to everyone’s favorite living room, Proper Eats, with their new marionette play for grown-ups.


These folks rock and I highly recommend finding your way over to St. John’s for a pint and the play. You won’t be disappointed! Besides all the little kiddies should be in bed by the time 9:00 rolls around so you have no excuse to stay home.

And…be sure to bring your leftover candy because you’ll want to give me a treat for turning you on to such extraordinary entertainment.

Happy Halloween!!


Tonight I flocked around and made these…


(flock of seagulls)

They were requested of us for a certain occasion and being the anal-retentive-triple-Virgo-I-even-drive-myself-crazy-perfectionist I had to make a test version before working with the good paper. Then I had to make another with a different good paper to see if it was more attractive. Then I had to make another with paper that I created on a whim. Then I had to perfect that new paper and make yet another. Then I had to refine that “perfected” paper and fold it into a crane for Mark because he was too tired to try folding his own and we’d procrastinated too long already.


(whim paper w/required name randomly inserted- look closely)

So…three hours after arriving home we have two cranes that we can send off for the intended purpose, 2 cranes that will probably find themselves on the Christmas tree, 3 cranes that have flown into the recycle bin, I can now fold an origami crane by memory and I need to go make dinner.


(paste paper crane and Mark’s crane on perfected whim paper) 

And you wonder why I blog so inconsistently.