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I took this picture at an Obama party shortly after he took office…and ran across it tonight while cataloging photos.


UPDATE: It turns out I actually blogged it as a Phun Photo Phriday. Spo’s comment really hit the mark.

Take That Gordon Smith!

It was a tight one but ultimately the Democratic Senate Candidate, Jeff Merkley, unseated the bigoted Mormon Rethuglican Senator Gordon Smith in Oregon.

Fuck you very much LDS for all you did to defeat Prop. 8 in California. Consider this our little gift in return. We’ll be back….Gordon wont’!

Clearly Stated


Ya gotta’ love the Portland Mercury!

…and I haven’t a thing to wear!

Friday afternoon our Associate Director was contacted by a certain VIP regarding a visit to his lab. Information was sketchy but by the end of the day I was informed it was probably Bill Clinton. Of course the person sharing this information with me was still uncertain so I let it pass without much thought.

On my way home I was listening to the evening news and heard that Bill would be in Portland on Sunday to do some campaigning for Hillary but none of the sites mentioned were near campus. Of course it’s entirely possible he could swing by for an unpublicized visit but I’m sure I would have been informed if that were the case. I do work for the Director and he would certainly be informed of a visit of this magnitude, even if he is out of the country this week.

Saturday evening the news reported that Clinton had added a couple stops on his trip and one is Monday morning at the university. Not having heard from the Associate Director or the Big Guy, I figured the lab visit was off the table but planned for an early arrival to make my way around the various security obstacles that are sure to be in place.

This afternoon I received a call from our AD asking if our lecture room was available tomorrow morning because Bill would need the space for meetings. I assured him we could make the necessary adjustments. As if I really have a say.

I’m not thrilled with some of the shit that has come out of Bill Clinton’s mouth lately but I do think he was a decent President. Therefore, I’m kind of looking forward to this little bit of excitement on campus but not so much the purpose of the visit. It’s all about money, and Hillary’s weak chances in this very blue state. We’ll see how things go.

Maybe I should wear my blue dress!

Your Friend Hil

Our next President?


Sorry, but once she approved that fearmongering ad right out of chapter two of Carl Rove’s playbook…I lost all respect.