Shopping Tip

For those of you looking for just the right gift to send me for Christmas, may I recommend these?

I’m not sure that a large 8 is going to fit but I can always alter them (or put them on my dog!). Of course if the price tag is a bit high for you…the Shield of Faith is sold separately and I would be a worthy expense.

Too bad I don’t already have them as they’d come in handy tonight when Dubya makes his tv appearance to spread more hate and worry across the land. I could use the shield to block his faith based bullshit speachifying! But then again it won’t be necessary because I’ll be downtown with a large crowd of ‘homosexualists’ enjoying the not-so-soothing strains of Kiki & Herb! I can hardly wait!


2 responses to “Shopping Tip

  1. dear me those were frightening!

  2. I love those! and in my national flag too! wonderful, haha!!

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