I Am Not An Animal!

My finger has finally healed and I’m permanently disfigured. I now feel a special kinship with Joseph Merrick only I can go out in public. I wear gloves when I do but mostly due of the cold weather, not because people are chasing me into the Tube to expose my deformity.

There was that one occasion though when a woman sitting next to me on knitting night looked over at my exposed finger and shrieked whispered…”that’s quite the pointer you have there”. I scootched away and slipped a soft thimble over my finger citing sensitivity, but I felt the pain of being an outcast.

I’m not sure how I’m supposed to get back on the horse with a deformed finger on the reins but I’ll find a way. Yes, I can move forward with dignity but it will  take some time to rebuild my confidence to the point where I can lift my hand, extend my finger, and point out that freak with the bad toupee handsome man on the corner, but I’ll get there. One day soon I’ll learn to accept this shortcoming.

Until that time, let me leave you with this one little tip: If you’re going to cut your freaking finger off…do it perfectly horizontal because angled manicures are a bitch to maintain!


11 responses to “I Am Not An Animal!

  1. i did not think it looked that bad.
    Finger tips have a way of growing back some, so time will heal some of this.

  2. >Until that time, let me leave you with this one little tip

    Um, I think you already left a tip.

  3. That tapered number could come in handy. Do you pick your nose sir? I thought not. 🙂

  4. hahaha to DougT.

    Well Sir, I applaud your bravery in dealing with this devastating trauma to your person. Soldier on.

  5. With any luck it’ll grow back. That looks about like what my finger (same hand as fate would have it) looked like, after I decided to give myself a radical manicure with a matte knife. Fun times, I get a little misty just thinking about it.

    Until then, soldier on. Besides, it looks like you could give any smart alecks a good sharp poke with that digit.

  6. I agree with Ur-Spo, it doesn’t look too bad.

  7. I did the same things but with my left pinkie (well I slammed it in a car door 31 years ago) It still pointed

  8. Late to the party of smartassery, so all the good comments are already taken, what’s the point?

    Hope you are not psychologically maimed by your horrid disfigurement, and that you may someday know peace. Tell the laughing hordes of children, that God needed your finger tip in HEAVEN!

  9. Thank you for sharing a photo of your happily healed finger. I just experienced a very similar injury to my left middle finger and was concerned about what it might look like later. Your finger looks quite fine to me and I feel much better now. Right now my biggest concern is to prevent infection and ingrown nail.

  10. I recently (today) cut my finger the exact same way, so was wondering how it might look when healed, and yah that doesn’t look too bad.
    Atleast later I can tell people about that time when I cut my finger at breakfast! lol 🙂

  11. Lucky you!!! I cut the tip of my finger off (middle finger, right hand) when I was 6 yrs old on a big metal door at school and mine grew back curved (my nail curves over my finger…not normal looking at all! I honestly cant even tell yours has been injured. =)

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