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Phun Photo Phriday

Rules for Carnies.


I have an issue with #10…particularly the fact that it’s #10.

Elvis Lives!

I know this because I saw him standing on the off ramp at the Sylvan overpass with a sign that read…’will play oldies 4 food’.  I’d recognize that white jumpsuit and those moves anywhere. Yep!

NYC Theatre Line-up

The New York trip is less than two weeks away and last night I was able to get tickets to Regrets Only which begins previews just 2 days before we fly home. We really wanted tickets to this show for two reasons: 1) it was written by Paul Rudnick who penned Jeffrey; 2) it stars the brilliant Christine Baranski. (God, we love this woman! ) We’re really looking forward to this even if we do have to be out of bed at 5:00 am the next morning to make our flight.

We now have a pretty full schedule which starts with Idomeneo at the Met. A trip to NYC just isn’t complete without the opera and it I’m looking forward to hearing if Ms. Roschmann lives up the hype. It opens this Thursday so I’ll be watching for reviews and hope they’re good. Then again…just listening to James Levine conduct is worth the ticket price!

Wicked, which you may recall we were recently given free tickets to attend in Portland. This will be the second time we see this in a month but we’re not complaining…it’s a fun show.

Naked Boys Singing comes highly recommended by a couple of friends and Rita insisted on purchasing tickets in the second row. Something tells me we’re going to have a really good time!

Spamalot. I haven’t heard a bad word about this show yet, and though it’s been around a while I’m told it’s still as funny as ever. Of course I grew up on Monty Python and can never tire of the humor.

Avenue Q, the ‘gay puppet musical’ as many folks refer to it, is not your usual Broadway musical but I love the Sesame Street approach…and I know a few gay puppets myself!

Heartbreak House. Unfortunately this is the only other straight play we have tickets to attend. It’s the beginning of the season so most are in previews but you can hardly go wrong with George Bernard Shaw…and what a cast!

There are a few others that we’re watching. With so many shows opening or beginning previews while we’re there, the option to catch another show or two is still open. Of course it’s not like we’ll be lacking things to do.



There was a Pirate Fest in Cathedral Park on Saturday. I was able to capture this Schooner just after it passed the park and exchanged cannon fire with the Park Pirates, of which there were many. You’ll notice a lack of pictures of said Park Pirates. That’s because I couldn’t bring myself to pay $12 dollars to join 500 screaming kids and their Pirents inside a cyclone fenced Pirison. So, you’ll just have to take my word for it.


Phun Photo Phriday


Leek blossom.


The autumn weather is just so exhilarating with the cumulus clouds building against the clear blue sky, the sunbreaks and the occasional downpour. The air is cool, the sun appears and warms you just enough to lull you into removing your sweatshirt, then just as quickly it’s cool again and you slip the sweatshirt back on.

The vistas are spectacular and all the volcanoes are ‘out’ as they say in the Northwest. You can see them all clearly and they falsely appear to be close enough to touch. You can even see Mt. Rainier in all it’s 14,000+ feet of grandeur. It’s nearly 175 miles away yet it sits there snuggled up close to Mt. St. Helens from this point of view. It makes one feel so small.

And…Mt. St Helens.


I pass no fewer than three viewpoints on my way to work and can find numerous places in our labs and offices where it is clearly visible. I still get a thrill everytime I see an ash plume rising from it’s crater. It is thrilling to live so close to an erupting volcano and yet far enough away that it doesn’t pose a serious threat.

It is this time of year that I find myself being motivated. I want to get out and enjoy the last of the pleasant weather. The air is fresh and clean and the earth seems to be settling into it’s winter slumber. The leaves start to change, the lawn begins to turn green and everything looks clean and refreshed. Sure, some plants are dying back but others are just coming into their own, their death delayed until winter, and although spring is the season of rebirth, it all starts here, now, with the cleansing rains and cool temperatures of autumn.

I’ve Got it Bad!

I’ve posted before about being a sports addict but it’s worse than I thought. To make matters worse…I’ve become a tivo addict too! Yep, I’ve got it bad!

Thursday we had a thunderstorm that took our power down for a brief time. When the power returned, the satellite dish didn’t. We tried all the tricks but the darn thing wouldn’t come back on and we were reduced to the 5 channels we can pick up here in the woods; three network channels with sketchy reception, the FOX/BUSH Administration propaganda channel and the local Christian channel.

A call to DirecTV resulted in the shipment of new equipment but it would take 3 business days. That meant no TV until Tuesday night at the earliest. To make matters worse we lost the programs we’d tivo’d and hadn’t yet seen like Project Runway. So, here I am trying to avoid blogs that mention the show because I want to watch it for myself on one of the numerous reruns but everywhere I go…there it is! I hit the back button and head somewhere else but very few people didn’t blog about it this week. It must have been good!

What really killed me was trying to watch football. I couldn’t tivo any games and the one I could watch had really poor reception. Then I kept wanting to back up and see that perfect ass play again only to remember the tivo was out of commission. Tonight though it really hit me. I jumped on the treadmill and hit the TV button to watch Monday Night Football and was reminded that it was moved to ESPN. Okay…I’ll run a quick couple miles and then go watch the game on the satellite…which…is…not…working. DAMN! I’ve been thinking about watching the game all afternoon and now I’m reduced to searching for scores on the internet. Like I said…I’ve got it bad and I haven’t even mentioned baseball. don’t even want me to go there!

So, I guess I’ll catch up on some blogs…as long as they haven’t posted about PR and then I’ll settle in for a night of…er…um…maybe I’ll just go read a book!