Blogus Neglectus

I keep wanting to post but so many little things keep getting in the way and tonight, after receiving a few comments and e-mails asking where I went, I decided I better leave at least a short note letting everyone know I’m still here. So, I type in my user name and password and I’m denied entry. I try again…Denied.

I think about my password and try again…Denied. Damn! My password is so second nature that I don’t really know what it is…I just type it. I try to channel the word…Denied! One last try….Denied.

I had to request a new password. So sad.

It’s been so long since I posted. Okay, only a week but I didn’t post much the previous week so I can see how this happened. That and the fact that my head is full of useless information right now. This grant is just now reaching the most intense preparation period and our Chinese colleagues are not very forthcoming with their information and the Big Guy is considering a last minute flight to China to gather the final documents. I came down with a cold and worked from home to get my documents formatted and proofed only to find another stack waiting for me when I went into the office today. It just doesn’t end.

Our Italian colleagues who just moved here also require quite a bit of attention and Mark and I have spent a lot of time helping them get their apartment secured and furnished and pulling all the details together. It’s a tough road for them especially since everything you do in the US requires a social security number which requires a 10 day waiting period before applying. WTF? Give these folks a break, it takes 3-4 weeks to get a SS number and you can’t even get a phone without one.

But I digress.

I do miss reading all my cyber buddies blog’s and I try to catch up on one or two as time permits but now that I’ve forgotten my password I realize I need to log-in and blog, even if it’s just a short note to say “hi”. So, please don’t write me off and remove me from your blogroll just because I’m not posting daily (Jimbo) and check your stats and you’ll see I’m still lurking all though not as often. I will return to write more frequently but I’ll probably be sketchy until late March. Most importantly though, thanks for being more consistent than I am right now, it’s nice to have somplace to go when I’m eating my sandwich at my desk.

4 responses to “Blogus Neglectus

  1. thank goodness the mystery is solved.
    I figured it was alien abductions or boredom.
    I am glad to see you badk!

  2. Rodger…you’ll always be on my list. How could I ever x-nay a fellow Bay Area’n’. Good to see you’re alive. Seems like I am hanging on by a thread these days.

  3. so easy to get distracted. i dropped by to see what was up in the garden. . . sounds like you’re into big international doings and haven’t time for seeds and such.

  4. Your life sounds a lot like mine at the moment. I just put up my first posting in 10 days, and it’s really short. The California meeting was interesting and challenging. I’m a third of the way though the 9 presentations that I have from mid-Feb. thru mid- March. On a happier note, one outcome of the California trip is that I might be visiting Portland on business sometime this summer or early fall.

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