Potter Break

Yep, I’m just a kid at heart and I’m taking a short break to read Harry Potter before someone spoils the story for me. Besides, with the dark skies and unusually high humidity sapping all my energy like a Dementor, I have nothing to blog about.

Well, okay, I have a couple things to blog about but I need to finish this book first, and attend a funeral tomorrow. So…I’ll be back real soon…like Wednesday…promise.


9 responses to “Potter Break

  1. good; I miss you when you are gone.

  2. Have fun! I finished it yesterday for pretty much the same reason. I really didn’t want anyone spoiling it for me.

  3. Yep, I just finished it, too. Exact same reasoning. I found it a good read. Just the same, I’m kinda glad that this is the last in the series. The last few have started to all sound alike, and I’m not sure she could have kept it fresh and interesting has she continued on indefinitely.

  4. No spoilers please, haven’t gotten it yet (maybe this weekend). Have you tried the recipe I sent you yet? Interested to see if it took Mark back in time…

  5. Okay, Just started The new Potter. You must now start the Corrections, and tell me what you think. Mark said he purchased it, so grab it when he’s done!

  6. ok enough of the potter excuse; I need my PPP fix.

  7. Liar liar pants on fire! You said Wednesday! 🙂

  8. Okay, I lied! I had to attend a funeral and then an unexpected guest came calling. I lost two days of reading and then got lazy. Actually, I got busy.

    I’ll post this weekend, just you wait and see!

  9. i am alienated from popular culture. given my hx, i’ll be on the harry potter thing 15 years from now, but for the moment, not so much. yay for you!! gitter done!

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